Home Integration

Enable plug and play fulfilment

Marketplace and shopping cart integrations

Our integrations with E-Commerce marketplaces help you manage inventory and orders across all your sales channels from a single unified dashboard. Once you connect your marketplace channels with us, you no longer have to manually enter inventory or block stock channel wise.

Error-free inventory control and order processing.

Growth in Sales

Increase in Profitability

Marketplace Integrations

Shipping Integrations

Our shipping solutions help you connect your sales channels to shipping automation, saving you time, effort, and money involved in arranging logistics. We connect with shipping partners and provide seamless tracking and shipping label generation and pickups.

We help you in:

Error-free shipping

Reverse shipping

Fast fulfilment

Prioritisation of shipping partners

Accurate order tracking

ERP and Accounting

Our integration with accounting and ERP solutions has made managing your omnichannel business remarkably easy. Invoicing and tax calculation are now available as one-click offerings, which save you valuable time. We also provide a single-click integration with ERP solutions like Tally, Quickbooks, SAP, etc.

We help you in:

Automating Tax Engine

ERP integrations for speedy data transfer

Providing Tax Report and Reconciliation

ERP and Accounting

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