Brand challenges and need for Emiza 

With globalisation and the advent of the internet, several internet-first organisations have entered the market. One such online first appliances brand is our client and imports a sizeable amount of their wares. Paying custom duty on those products was draining and they were looking for a solution to reduce the time between when the duty was paid and the goods were sold. They believed that if they were able to get access to a bonded facility which also had e-commerce and B2B fulfilment capabilities, it would help them optimise working capital without compromising time to market.


In India, custom bonded warehouses only handle container in/out movements and clients need to dispatch goods from the bonded warehouse to their warehouse in order to fulfil their orders, which leads to increased handling and lead time for fulfilment.

We are one of the only 3PLs in India with a customs bonded warehouse, general warehouse and e-commerce fulfilment centre all under one roof.


This allowed our client to pay duty and dispatch orders to their customers on the same day. The moment the duty was paid, we would move the cargo from the bonded warehouse to the fulfilment centre. This speed and optimisation saved them not only working capital plus ₹3 lacs per month on handling and transportation costs and also saved 48 to 72 hours in order fulfilment time.

What’s next ?

Owing to the success of this model our client has decided to expand their B2C and B2B business with us to two more locations and has also started a couple of Flipkart Alfalite programs with us as well. The Flipkart Alfalite programs will allow the client to grow sales to Flipkart while we manage the operations on behalf of Flipkart from our facility.

Team Emiza
At Emiza, our deep subject matter expertise lies in warehousing and order fulfilment for over 100+ Direct-to- Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) brands, across a broad spectrum, right from beauty, personal care and cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle, to electronics and appliances, home and kitchen and food and nutrition.