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Why Us?

Here’s why most of India’s largest consumer brands use Emiza as their warehousing and fulfilment partner

Supply chain management (1)

Supply Chain Management

Our pre-built integrations ensure we are able to manage your inventory pipeline, import orders from all of your sales channels, and deliver it to your customers in the shortest time possible.

Best in-class support

Best-in-class support

Our warehousing experts and engineers, trained in shipping and fulfillment, provide you with the best customer support.

Major shipping

Major shipping discounts

Our business volumes and relationships ensure that we receive the lowest shipping rates from our courier partners, which we gladly pass on to you and your customers.



We handle a large cross-section of clients and our customised packaging and operational solutions ensure the best brand visibility and customer experience.

Superior warehousing experience guaranteed

Multiple warehouses

We have warehouses across 10 cities in India, giving you the choice to select one that resonates with, and is closest to, your target audience.

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One-stop shop for all your fulfilment needs
Emiza is a one-stop shop for all your warehousing and fulfilment needs, and our various features will help you grow and scale your business:
Mega Sales and Promotions

Each of our fulfilment centres can handle 10,000 plus orders a day, and also go the extra mile and handle 5 times your regular volume during any special promotional event.

Free integrations
Free integrations

We have over 20 shopping cart and marketplace integrations and set up is always free.

Special projects
Special projects

We have the ability to execute special, customisable projects for all out of the box ideas you may have.

Value added services

Through our warehousing capabilities and end-to-end fulfilment, we help you build a loyal base of direct consumers to fuel your growth and fulfilment dreams. Our value-added services enhance the user experience.

Quality Check

We carry out stringent, customised quality checks across various categories such as travel gear, electronics, apparel, footwear and accessories, as per client specified parameters.

Kitting and Combos

We create simple to complex kits requiring various packing materials and shrink wrapping


We provide non-technical refurbishment and repair for apparel, accessories and travel gear.

MRP Stickering

We provide Maximum Retail Price labelling services both for imported cargo as well as for combos and kits.

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