Brand challenges and need for Emiza 

With the ongoing pandemic, customers are increasingly shifting from offline to online consumption. This is seeing a rise in e-commerce website sales. It is tough to stock up on inventory during this time, but the challenge increases even more during sale time. Fascinating offers entice consumers to buy in bulk, and with wait times decreasing now that everyone has adjusted to the ‘new normal’, not having a product in stock can lead to massive loss.

A large men’s grooming brand had been managing their entire fulfilment from one location since its inception. However, they decided to host a four-day sale on their website, and needed to replicate inventory across multiple locations in order to handle the projected volume of 1 lakh orders.

They believed that managing their warehouse more efficiently would enable them to manage their sale more effectively.


Our flexible and efficient operations process ensured that we could onboard the client across two locations, just four days before the planned sale.

We ramped up teams across multiple shifts to handle the surge in volumes that we knew were headed our way, thanks to the sale.


Since our fulfilment centres have the capacity to handle over 10,000 orders a day, the client could go live in a very short span of time and were ready, in advance, for their planned sale. Thanks to our warehousing capabilities, we were able to successfully process 60,000 orders across two locations over the four-day sale period. Needless to say, they were very happy.

What’s next?
With the successful implementation in two of our locations, we look forward to opening up two more locations in the near future, so that next time, our client can be ready for their planned sale, weeks, if not months, ahead of time!
Team Emiza
At Emiza, our deep subject matter expertise lies in warehousing and order fulfilment for over 100+ Direct-to- Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) brands, across a broad spectrum, right from beauty, personal care and cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle, to electronics and appliances, home and kitchen and food and nutrition.