Brand challenges and need for Emiza 

No festive occasion is complete without gifts, and what better gift can you give someone than a box of delicious, high-quality chocolates? Our client, known for being among the top 3 chocolate brands and one of India’s oldest and largest chocolate manufacturers, was eager to establish a D2C cold chain operation for their gifting website.

Since they were into the business of selling chocolates, the most important factor was to ensure that the chocolates reached their clients in good shape. No one likes to eat a box of melted chocolate! Our client was looking for a partner who could help them store and deliver their chocolates across the country, by maintaining a consistent temperature across the entire supply chain.


Our team quickly got to work, identifying that our Bhiwandi warehouse was the perfect spot in Mumbai to help our client scale their operations.

We created a specialised cold chain where chocolates can be stored and orders fulfilled at 18 degrees Celsius. The chocolates are then stored packed in a special laminated container box with a frozen gel pack to maintain a cool temperature in transit. In addition to the chocolates, each order also goes out with a high degree of personalisation to the recipients, such as customised gift wrapping, photographs and personalised messages.


In this pilot, we serviced over 9,000 pin codes within 48 hours by air from Mumbai. Our client is extremely satisfied with their growth, which has risen from 1500 orders to over 10,000 orders per month.

Our client was one of the first confectionery brands in India to launch something so innovative in the D2C space. Their business has grown 7 times and they anticipate a sharper increase with the addition of new pin codes and locations.

What’s next ?

With the successful launch of our client’s chocolates in Bhiwandi, we plan to roll out the same model in Gurgaon and Bengaluru. These two new fulfilment centres will increase pin code coverage to more than 18,000 and allow them to scale to upto 18,000 orders a month. Our operational efficiency ensured growth by leaps and bounds in this space and we are more than delighted to have able to help them along their journey!

Team Emiza
At Emiza, our deep subject matter expertise lies in warehousing and order fulfilment for over 100+ Direct-to- Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) brands, across a broad spectrum, right from beauty, personal care and cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle, to electronics and appliances, home and kitchen and food and nutrition.