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B2B Logistic Services

B2B or Business-to-business services involve commercial transactions between two businesses, and there is no involvement with the end-customer. The volume of B2B orders is consistently significantly more extensive in terms of volume and value than any average Business to Customer (B2C) orders. Therefore, the business that receives the order must have enough inventory in storage to fulfil the order as these orders are placed in bulk and well in advance to avoid the need to keep ordering frequently. All B2B orders are usually counted and fulfilled according to the volume of units needed and, therefore, what is the level of  SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) needed. In most B2B logistics operations, pallets (single SKU pallets or mixed pallets) are shipped instead of parcels.

When it comes to B2B orders like B2C, it is critical to ensure the order is correct before shipping. With the order volume being so large, it takes a lot more time and money to be processed. Getting it incorrect will cost significant business losses in terms of time and money. To ensure that businesses follow due process, teams need to know various factors like tax rules, packaging, labelling, invoicing, and barcodes. A high level of understanding of the determination of freight charges (air and sea), volume discounts and international trade restrictions like taxes, subsidies, and tariffs are one of the many benefits that Emiza brings to a partnership. This knowledge allows them to offer customers the lowest possible rates, which increase customer delight.


Most businesses have outsourced these operations to specialised 3PL providers who possess the expertise and the experience in dealing with all the required nuances. Emiza and other premium 3PL partners leverage highly automated and best-in-class warehousing operations to offer multi-channel fulfilment and distribution services leading to the smooth execution of standard operating processes.


Once Emiza receives an order from its customer, the automated warehousing management system kicks in and determines all the touchpoints in the order, namely:

  • Inventory level and volume required
  • The location where the product is available or fulfilment centre
  • The exact location of the product in the identified fulfilment centre
  • Order fulfilment - picking and receiving the order, packaging the order, replenishing inventory management, and shipping.

Emiza also takes full responsibility for loading the order into carriers and determines if it is a truckload (TL) or less than truckload order (LTL) and plans the logistics and moving of goods accordingly. Through its automated warehousing management system, Emiza can set up alerts from both businesses to track the movement of the order. An electronic dashboard will help provide visibility on the volume and value of transactions conducted monthly, quarterly, and annual for multiple and frequent orders. Emiza’s warehousing management system is agile enough to connect seamlessly to an ERP solution, websites of other suppliers, carriers, retailers, and other partners in the supply chain. Most importantly, though, it can electronically exchange business information between businesses or trading partners.

Advantages of partnering with Emiza

  • Emiza has its warehouses across seven cities in India, which gives businesses the option to select the fulfilment centres for inventory closest to the destination of the order.
  • Smooth import of goods from various vendors combined with seamless inventory management.
  • Fastest turnaround time and most cost-effective delivery of orders to customers.
  • An integrated warehouse management system can simultaneously process one-off or bulk orders and sort and consolidate multiple orders efficiently and accurately.
  • Existing relationships with premium shippers and courier partners allow Emiza to offer the lowest possible shipping rates and highest volume discounts to all its B2B customers.
  • Using the same pool of resources and infrastructure, Emiza can easily and swiftly scale up services if needed to fulfil orders for B2C customers. No additional capital investment is required.
  • Possesses the expertise needed to manage and handle the norms and complexities of various marketplaces.
B2B fulfilment operation

Why choose Emiza for B2B Fulfilment operations

In the B2B sector, logistical processes are complex as the transactions involved are significant, be it volume or value. A few key determinants of any successful 3PL partner who specialises in B2B logistics services are speed of delivery, agility, reliability, and accuracy. Emiza, led by industry experts and a team of skilled resources, has successfully been able to master the challenges of the B2B Logistics space. Its state-of-the-art technology allows businesses to track orders, keep a check on inventory levels with alerts in place if stocks run too low, and always meet the deadlines set for delivery. Not only does Emiza have the ability to create simple to complex kits which need several different packing materials and shrink wrapping, but it can also handle fulfilling over 10,000 orders in a day and, if required, can scale up by 5X.

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